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Duninald is a property on the Paterson River in the Hunter Valley, near Maitland.

Duninald is the home of Paterson Fern Nursery and Old Duninald, our luxurious and recently renovated accommodation available to host groups for Hunter Valley weddings, festivals and events.

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The property was granted to William Dun in 1821. When he arrived the property had tropical rainforest growing along the river.

We don’t know if there was any red cedar when William Dun and his family, took up residence because the cedar cutters had already been active in this area, but we can be sure that the clearing of the land would have been a daunting task. We have planted a few red cedar trees in 2008 and they are thriving.

He cleared the land to start the agricultural industry which still exists today. We consider that it is important that the rich river flats are maintained for agriculture to grow the food we need, for a stable society.

It was from a descendent William Dun, Bill Reynolds, that we purchased the property from in 2005.

When we purchased the property there was an established cattle enterprise and a specialist fern nursery. These activities are carried out today as well as a boutique honey operation.

My family, the Fishers, have been farming in the Hunter Valley since 1825 and through the years they have been friends of the Reynolds family….so there was a feeling of welcome when we bought the property.

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