Christmas Plant Attention!

It is time to think of Christmas & holidays. It is over this time that our plants need attention.

They need a drink, particularly in this hot weather. Whilst you may enjoy being in air conditioning or in the force of the fan… your ferns don’t… please keep them out of drafts.

I have a monthly check-list, which in the spring, summer & into autumn include giving plants a feed with soluble fertiliser. Email Julia at to request it.

Instead of the Poinsettia as your Christmas plant have you thought about a Silver Lady.

There is no doubt that if you are not heading off the the tropics for your holiday that walking amongst your fern garden can definitely give you that tropical garden feel.

We will have normal operations in the week beginning the 17th December. We will only be operating with skeleton staff over the next 2 weeks.

Normal operations will commence on the 7th January 2013.

Happy Holidays from Julia and Chris