The objective is to produce meat for the domestic trade market, at two market points, the vealer trade with the calves off their mother at 300 – 350 kg and the yearling market up to 20 months old & 450 to 500 kg. The cattle are MSA graded, they are grass fed & Hormone Growth Promotent (HGP) free. We sell direct to the processor or through Maitland saleyards, through our agent Bowe & Lidbury.

Duninald was known for Hereford cattle. We continue to have a Poll Hereford breeding herd. We also have an Angus breeding herd. The domestic market is about retail yield and to improve this we have introduced a Euro component to the offspring, through Charolais bulls.

We rotationally graze the stock on Improved pasture. In the winter this is Rye & Clover and in the summer Kikuyu, Lucerne & Chicory.

Our proximity to the river means we are able to irrigate our pastures in dry times.

This means we can keep our herd intact, regardless of the weather. We can keep our weaners on a rising plane of nutrition.

We are also able to make silage when there is surplus feed. This is able to be fed out in the winter to keep our breeding herd in good condition. We also have reserved feed I the case of a flood. We have certainly learnt what it means to be on a flood plain.

We are fortunate in having an active Hoof & Hook group to help improve operations, through training, field days and an annual competition. This is supported by the Department of Primary Industry officers based at Tocal, Scone & Mudgee.

It is extremely important that education continues to be provided to farmers through the departmental officers. This region is mainly medium to small producers who value the DPI & Catchment Management Authority (CMA) support enormously. These are producers who do not have access to independent agricultural advice other than through these sources.

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